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Roofing, Siding, and Home Restoration in Franklin, TN

Storm Guard Nashville is your reliable home restoration expert in Middle Tennessee. We also offer our services in other service areas including Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, Thompson’s Station, Antioch, Smyrna, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, La Vergne, Nolensville, and Columbia, TN for more than a decade. Our range of home restoration services includes roofing, siding, gutter installation, emergency tarping, and painting. We aim to be authentic, professional, trustworthy, accurate, and customer-focused in everything that we do. The ability to provide our customers with peace of mind is paramount to our mission. Call/text us at 615-492-8735 today for all of your home restoration needs.

We Offer Professional Roofing Repair Services

Having a reliable roof over your head is one of the many luxuries of homeownership. Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions can make your roof vulnerable, leaving you unprotected. In those times of need, Storm Guard Nashville is available to help. Our professional team uses all major brands of roofing materials to ensure you receive exceptional quality. If you need repair services to fix a leaky roof, address any cracks or seams, or even replace entire sections that have been damaged by weather or debris, contact us today.

Our Specialties Include Exterior Siding Service

The first impression neighbors and passersby will get from your Nashville-area house will likely be its siding. Exterior siding is an element that homeowners can use to display their sense of style while also protecting their house. We provide exterior siding made from several different materials and in countless varieties. Our experts can install wood siding, shiplap siding, stone siding, and more to protect your home’s internal structure and boost its curb appeal.

Storm Guard Nashville Supplies Stunning Windows

Windows are not only a way to frame your home’s appearance, but they can also improve its energy efficiency. Storm Guard Nashville has dealt with all kinds of windows – including wood, vinyl, single- and double-hung – and can help you choose what will work best for your home in Middle Tennessee. The appearance of your windows is important, but we will help you make a selection that will also improve energy-efficiency and lower your utility bills. Call us for a no-obligation property assessment so that we may determine if your current windows are damaged, vulnerable, or need to be upgraded.

Using Gutters to Protect Your Foundation and Landscape

An underrated protection against foundation and landscaping damage is an effective gutter system. Gutters can enhance the appearance of your Nashville, TN home while protecting your house or yard from excessive water damage. Storm Guard Nashville’s team of installers can provide state-of-the-art storm and rain gutters from trusted brands to divert water away from your home, thus safeguarding your house, its siding, and the surrounding landscape.

Painting Picturesque Homes in Nashville, TN

Once all restorative efforts have been completed following storm damage or when you merely want to enhance the appearance of your home, call Storm Guard Nashville for professional painting services. Our professional painters are capable of handling jobs of all sizes and can masterfully refresh your house’s exterior.

Storm Guard Nashville Offers Emergency Tarping Services

If a storm comes through and significantly damages your home, it could leave your interior exposed to the elements. When that happens, contact Storm Guard Nashville. We will respond quickly to any disaster and supply emergency tarping for your roof or siding in the event of catastrophic destruction. Our tarping provides a barrier from precipitation and wind, helping limit damage until your residence can be restored.

Contact Storm Guard Nashville Today for Property Assessment

Even when storm damage seems significant, homeowners may fail to identify issues caused by wind, rain, lightning, or other natural elements. Of course, the large holes and peeled siding are evident, but it is possible to miss small cracks or leaks that could be detrimental in the long run. Storm Guard Nashville boasts a team of certified experts who can complete a property assessment ahead of any home restoration project. We will examine any damage, even that which is hidden among your home’s layers. And, lucky for you, our staff can proceed to make any repairs to your roofing, siding, windows, and gutters, among other residential elements. Call/text us at 615-492-8735 for a free, no-obligation property assessment today.