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Storm Guard Nashville is Your Local Exterior Siding Expert

Exterior siding for homes comes in many types and styles, each providing significant benefits for homeowners. As one of the main foundations of your home, siding protects your residence from damage, provides insulation, and can improve the structural soundness of your house. Storm Guard Nashville is your exterior siding expert in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. We install and repair siding of all varieties in Nashville, Spring Hill, Brentwood, Columbia, Antioch, Thompson’s Station, Santa Fe, and Nolensville, TN. Our team is committed to providing peace of mind to all of our customers in Middle Tennessee, specializing in all facets of home restoration. Whether you need a durable, inexpensive type of siding or an extravagant, versatile style, we can provide it. Call us at (615) 988-9420 today to learn more.

Benefits of Exterior Siding in Nashville, TN

Siding is a long-term investment in your home that can improve its appearance and sturdiness. Exterior siding is a less expensive option than brick or stucco that can provide much more design flexibility as well as comparable durability. It covers the majority of your house, serving as a foundation that offers structural integrity and protection from the elements. Most siding is rated to withstand significant wind and weather damage, keeping the house – and your family inside – safe during storms. Additionally, exterior siding provides an additional layer between your house and the outside air. This insulation can help you remain cozy indoors and keep your energy bills low.  Finally, it just looks good. Storm Guard Nashville can install siding that features appealing designs and desirable colors, increasing your home’s curb appeal to all passersby.

Benefits of Various Types of Exterior Siding

Storm Guard Nashville offers exterior wood siding, shiplap siding, and stone siding, ensuring we have something that strikes your fancy. Each has its unique advantages for your home in Nashville, TN or the surrounding areas. We will visit your house and discuss the benefits for every style to help you choose which of the following is right for you:

  • Exterior wood siding – Wood siding is beautiful and durable, while not requiring a lot of maintenance. Because of the multitude of types of wood available for siding, you can truly personalize your home. Choose from material such as cypress, redwood, cedar, fir, and pine for your home’s exterior wood siding.
  • Exterior shiplap siding – Increasing in popularity, shiplap siding delivers a natural appearance at an affordable rate. It often comprises inexpensive woods that are easy to install. You can then stain, paint, or seal your shiplap siding for added protection from weather damage.
  • Exterior stone siding – Stone siding offers a vast array of colors, styles, and textures, allowing you to individualize your home’s look. It is also extremely durable as an exterior surface, mostly impervious to wind, sun, and precipitation damage.

Professional Exterior Siding Installation by Storm Guard

The exterior siding installation process will vary depending on the material you select to envelop your house. Storm Guard Nashville has a team of experts that can install siding of various types and styles to ensure your home is attractive and protected. Installation techniques for each include:

Exterior Wood Siding

There is a plethora of ways to install wood siding on your home in or around Nashville, TN. Some of the most popular styles of wood siding are:

  • Lap siding – This traditional style – also called bevel or clapboard siding – involves overlapping the siding boards at intervals of your choosing to promote the look you want.
  • Drop channel siding – This versatile approach can be installed diagonally, horizontally, or vertically and uses a small groove to connect the exterior siding panels.
  • Tongue-and-groove siding – Similar to drop channel siding but without an overlap, this method includes interlocking planks that create a smooth surface.
  • Shingle siding – Due to their smoothness and consistency, wood shingles are popular siding options. Shingles are attached to the sheathing and overlap each other.
  • Shake Siding – Shakes are similar to shingles but are thicker and more durable. The installation process is the same.

Exterior Shiplap Siding

Shiplap siding involves a relatively easy installation process. Each ascending board fits into the one beneath. Storm Guard Nashville will ensure that your shiplap boards are flush against your structure to avoid the chance of any water seeping into your home. This style of siding can be installed vertically but is most often installed horizontally.

Exterior Stone Siding

Stone siding involves a more thorough process than wood or shiplap siding, but our installation experts are up to the task. The method includes applying a vapor barrier, scratch coat, and mortar mix before placing the stone pieces that will serve as your home’s siding. Once the pieces are in place, we will grout the joints before cleaning and sealing the entire area. You will surely be pleased with the final appearance.

Storm Guard Nashville Provides Exterior Siding Repair

As with anything, exterior siding can deteriorate over time. Though you should not have to repair or replace the siding products we install on your Nashville-area home for decades, you may have moved into a house with rotting, cracked, peeling, or simply dull siding. We can spruce up the place and provide added protection to your home through exterior siding repair. We can fix any leaks, refresh or restore any areas that are peeling or cracked, and replace rotting sections as needed. Contact Storm Guard Nashville for guidance regarding all of your exterior siding needs.

Call Storm Guard Nashville for Exterior Siding Expertise

Exterior siding is one of your home’s main barriers from the outside world. Efficient siding will keep your energy bills down and curb appeal up, while also protecting your family from the elements. Storm Guard Nashville is proud to install and repair all styles of exterior siding in Nashville, Spring Hill, Brentwood, Columbia, Antioch, Thompson’s Station, Santa Fe, and Nolensville, TN. Let us know your concerns and desires so that we can provide a solution for you. Call us at (615) 988-9420 today for a free, no-obligation exterior siding project estimate.

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